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What makes our dermal fillers stand out?

E.p.t.q uses a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar found in our skin that holds water and helps it to keep hydrated and plumped. When injected it acts like a sponge to attract water to the skin and plumps the area. HA also boosts the skin’s natural collagen meaning fewer touch ups may be needed. Further to this, HA is recognised as safer than other types of dermal filler such as Collagen. 

The elasticity of the hive structure in e.p.t.q allows the skin tissue to lift. Our dermal filler uses a very low level of endotoxin minimising the side effects. To reduce pain and discomfort after the procedure e.p.t.q is made to the same PH as the body. Injection pressure is optimised for exquisite procedures to enhance the satisfaction. 

Our dermal filler uses only raw materials to enhance the safety and quality of the filler. To ensure all products are sterilised e.p.t.q is only produced in an aseptic environment. 


How long do e.p.t.q. fillers last?

All fillers are temporary which gives us the positive outlook that the changes we make won’t be there forever. However, this means we need to ask how to maintain the look for a longer period of time?

E.P.T.Q fillers last from 12-24 months. Just like any other procedure the results may vary in each independent case. Other factors that can affect how long the filler lasts includes where the filler has been used, how much filler has been used and the speed your body metabolises the filler. We would recommend touch-ups when you start to see your filler decrease in volume. 

E.P.T.Q. dermal fillers

Now you know how our filler works you’ll need to know which product you need. We have three types of filler; each achieves different looks but still all the safest dermal filler for your clients. 


S100 – Use it for: correction of the forehead, earlobes, crows feet, temples and ear trophs. 


S300 – Use it for: Lip contouring, lip volume, glabella lines, forehead lines, cheek, chin and nose. 


S500 – Use it for the correction of age-related changes in skin relief, correction of facial areas with volume deficiency

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